Precision Equipment Assembly

One of the new and important high level assembly service (HLA) SPI embarked on in 2014 was the introduction of Precision Equipment assembly for products used in the medical field. These services include the manufacturing of stationary and mobile X-Ray equipment, and medical grade accessories used in hospitals or clinics.

PCB Assembly & Box Build

SP Industrial further enhances its capabilities by introducing PCB Assembly and Box Build competencies in 2014. These competencies complete the mission of the site to be the 1-stop solution provider for its customers. This is one of the fastest implementation by the plant with 3 SMT and 4 Manual Insert lines set up in a short period of time, allowing for mass production of the first product within 9 months.

Cable and Wire Assembly

We provide a full range of simple to complex Wire Harness assembly services to our customers. Our Wire Harness products are used in a diverse range of applications, tailored to meet the most stringent customer specifications.

Electronics Assembly Capability

Another rapid business start-up in 2015 was the introduction of Electrical Enclosure assembly business (E-Box). The introduction of this business further enhance SPI capability to enable the site to provide complex electrical and mechanical system integration services to its customers.